Who We Are

Lucero & Javier

“We seek unique, capturing beauty, to tell a story.”

Who We Are

We are Javier and Lucero, lovers of Art, Stories, Photography, and Film. since we both can remember we’ve had the urge to create. Artistically we like to push our boundaries to create things that challenge us to grow and that come from the heart. Amongst our shared passions in life we share the joy of being parents to a beautiful boy named Alek. Our couples, and clients have become our inspiration to loving each other deeply, believing in one another, and building a strong future together. For all these wonderful lessons we are forever grateful to our clients, and it’s no wonder why we feel completely humbled to capture their most important days.

How We Met

We met during the production of a short film. Our personalities immediately clicked and we loved that we shared the same sense of humor. We didn’t know it then, but fate had tremendous plans for us as a year later we would be starstruck on our first date, and soon enough holding our son in our arms.

About Lucero

Lucero has been photographing since 2009 starting off in the photography industry by word of mouth and perfecting her craft along the way. After graduating from college with a degree in Digital Film she’s grown even more passionate about being able to create visually. She is a director at heart which adds to the distinction of her vision. Her revolving inspiration is to seek moments that have the power to evoke feelings, that being her personal goal as storyteller. Amongst her personal work Lucero has been commissioned by Lululemon Athletica and published in various issues of La Mujer Magazine.

About Javier

Javier’s personality is best described as inventive, always thinking of ways of doing the impossible. To Encanto Rojo he brings a definite sense originality, and edge, capturing moments in a grand way. His photojournalist perspective captures the raw beauty and essence of a moment and his epic cinematography provides our wedding films with a feeling that can only come from the heart. Javier has been playing with pixels since the age of 8. He has been awarded a DeviantArt Daily Deviation, and Published in Fstoppers.com for his attention to beauty and photo manipulation techniques through his repertoire of fashion and beauty photography.