Robbie & Miguel

Wedding Highlights

Robbie & Miguel’s wedding took place at the beautiful Hotel Valencia Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. We loved the idea that they were attracted to the moody Spanish design the hotel is known for, so playing with that concept was a must on our photography list.
Navy Blue, Salmon Pink, & Gold accents were the colors of the night, creating a bold fusion of a modern romance that complemented the hotel effortlessly. Through the planning process, Miguel and Robbie were so great to keep us up to date which made seeing the big day come together all the more exciting.

Our favorite parts of the wedding were the location and the spirit of their festivities. In simple terms, it was a monumental night, where planning, hopes, blood, sweat, and tears met the much awaited unforgettable moments they shared with their families and friends. Thanks for having us present on your special day! Mike & Robbie you guys made such handsome grooms!